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Viki's Story

     This is the story of Viki. She has no idea why she became an orphan, but during the first year of college she quickly discovered the truth behind it. A mysterious figure's appearance during a home invasion harkens back to a time from generations ago. As Viki finds the truth she's presented with obstacles in many forms. Through each test she fights to keep her identity whole. Somehow Viki will survive it all and create a new future for herself and the people around her.

- Fiction, Action, Adventure, Drama, Young Adult, New Adult

The End of a Beginning

Book 01

    Set in modern times, it follows a college student. Viki's an orphan with no clue about her biological parents. The past returns to haunt her as the group that killed them comes after her. She manages to escape them, but her rescuers even seem to have their own plans for her. Viki has to find a way to tread between the two groups without upsetting either as she tries to keep her identity whole. 

- Fiction, Action, Adventure, Drama, Young Adult, New Adult 

Yearning for Home

Book 02

     Brought into Givon by circumstances beyond her control, Viki is struggling to find her place. She could go back to Everly, but Viki doesn't find her calling there. She doesn't know exactly where she fits in. Either way, Viki can't live in the underground city of Tremain. Going into the unprotected city of Haines, Viki goes into the normal routine of job and school. There she can find her true calling...

- Fiction, Action, Adventure, Drama, Young Adult, New Adult 

Madam President

Book 03

 From fugitive to presidential candidate, Viki's life has gone from one extreme to the other. With the help of her friends she's sure to survive this change too. The only thing that stands in her and the people of Givon's way is the old regime. Change to them won't come easily, so Viki's going to have to use all of her skills if she's going to survive it.

- Fiction, Action, Adventure, Drama, Young Adult, New Adult 

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