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The Ordinaries: Dey & Koen's Story

    This is the story of Dey & Koen. While Dey is ordinary with no special powers, her friend the extraordinary Koen has them. He disappeared ten years ago. Now he is back, searching for his childhood friend. He doesn't come back alone, though, as the people who kidnapped him for his powers pursue him to capture him once more. Dey has to find a way to keep her friend safe, but complicating that is the fact that her widowed mother is finally remarrying. Dey is an adult, so she could either stay with her new family or leave with Koen.

    After a brief attempt to strike out on their own, Dey and Koen return to their hometown to make their stand against those who would do both harm. Along the way the childhood crushes turn into something more serious. With another group becoming involved in the struggle over Koen's powers and their child's possible inherited powers, how will the young family of Dey and Koen survive?

- Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Family Saga 

Ordinary Dey

Book 01

     Dey lives an ordinary life with her mother. That changes when not only her mother remarries, but also her special friend returns. Koen hasn't been seen since they were children. His kidnappers won't let him escape from them without a fight, though. When the extraordinary people fight, can Dey survive it? She's only ordinary...isn't she?

- Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Family Saga

Extraordinary Koen

Book 02

      Koen escaped from his hunters. Now he's been reunited with the one he cares for most. The past still haunts their future, though. The ones who destroyed Koen's life aren't going to let him stay free forever. Can he and his love Dey survive?

- Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Family Saga

Normal Thyme

Book 03

      Married and with a baby on the way, Koen and Dey are well on their way to being a normal couple. The only thing that could stop their happy life is if the evil from Koen's past comes after them. The four servants do their best to support their boss, but even with their help it might not be enough. Even if the small family survives being hunted, what sort of life could it be for the child?

- Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Family Saga 

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