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Who Am I?


About Me

Kimberly Vogel,Writer & Artist

Kimberly Vogel lives in the city that she grew up in, Beloit, WI. The eldest of three siblings, she often found herself reading the many books that her parents had stockpiled over the years of living in the same house. There was no barrier between child and adult books, so her inner world expanded quickly. It was further expanded by weekly trips to the library. With her mind filled with influences from different worlds, she began to create her own. It started with building homes for her stuffed animals and dolls inside of her room. When the room grew too small, she moved on to filling many notebooks with sketches and stories of family life and adventures outside of the home.

Kimberly Vogel writes fiction books of all sorts: from short stories to epic novels and everything in between. Her genre choices are varied as well. So far she’s published medieval fantasy, modern fantasy, sci-fi, romance, secret agent, supernatural mysteries, and teen fiction. Many of her stories are of mixed genres as well. As long as it is fiction, anything goes. She started out with focusing on themes of identity. Who people are can be determined by their birth, their raising, and how they are treated by those outside of their family. Those factors decide how they interact with the world. From then she’s tried to expand her themes to include others, while always keeping identity in mind. She continues to expand her World until the end of her time. 

Weekly Market Appearances

Beloit, WI

Saturdays, 9-12pm, November to April

Whitewater, WI

Tuesdays, 4-7pm, May to October

Beloit, WI

Saturdays, 9-12pm, May to October

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