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Danny's Story

    This is the story of Danny, who is first introduced as Kala. He is a fourteen year old boy who lives in a castle with his father, the King. Near his fifteenth birthday he is introduced to a girl hidden in an enchanted garden. Then his entire world is thrown into chaos. His father is upset to the point that he tries to kill him! But why? Once he's thrown out of his home, he discovers that his father isn't his parent, but rather the ruthless ruler who kidnapped him from his real parents! Now he has to find out who he is, while trying to keep ahead of the revolutionary actions brought by those who are upset with the King's rule.

There are five books in his series: Roses and Shadows, Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold, Respite at Ambert University, Reality Seems Twisted, and Rallying Themes. They are collected into a book called Danny: The Collection. Once the series concludes there is a three book set called Queries to Generations which finishes his story with his happily ever after.

- Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Romance, Drama, Family Saga, Coming of Age, Adoption, Tragedy, Revolution, War

The series is published through Xlibris and through Lulu. 

Danny: The Collection

Contains all five books in the series: Roses and Shadows, Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold, Respite at Ambert University, Reality Seems Twisted, and Rallying Themes.

The individual books' descriptions are below:

Queries to Generations

      It has been three years since Danny chose his love over his homeland. Married to Lyndie, the two of them have one child together. Governing over the two kingdoms of Tallis and Ramia is not an easy job as the conflicts from before still haunt in the inhabitant's minds. Can the two continue the tenuous peace or will the struggle tear them apart? An added strain appears in the form of pirates who have been sent to Old Leldyna. Danny has been asked to watch over their progress to make sure they do not stray back to the old ways...

- Fiction, Drama, Family Saga, Fantasy, Romance  

Roses and Shadows: 

Book 1 of Danny's Story

     To rule well one must rule with an iron fist. The young prince Kala knows that all too well. Yet he loves his father and supports him. But something strange happens and the king's advisor shows him another side of King Mitra Shakti. A magical garden with a strange young girl is discovered and Kala must come to grips with the reality his father is not who he thought.

- Fiction, Action, Adventure, Drama, Family Saga, Fantasy, Ghost Story, Romance, Adoption, Revolution, War 

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold: 

Book 2 of Danny's Story

   Continued from the first book, Roses and Shadows, we find the former prince Kala to be alive. His name has now changed to Ravth (pronounced as Wrath) as he's been charged with ending the tyrannical king's reign. Can he revenge himself and the rest of his people by killing the one who raised him as his son? What about his best friend, the imposter's daughter? How can he explain this to her? Also, will Maska interfere with all their plans with his own devious actions? Only time will tell.

- Fiction, Action, Adventure, Drama, Family Saga, Fantasy, Adoption, Revolution, War 

Respite at Ambert University: 

Book 3 of Danny's Story

 With the demise of the Tyrant's kingdom the world is attempting to recover from the damage he brought. Following the trail of his sister, Ravth finds himself in the Kingdom of Lonan. Through word of mouth he finds the trail leading to a school. Ravth enrolls as a student teacher to continue his search. There's only one problem. He went to the wrong school! Can Ravth uphold his obligations at Ambert University while his sister is off who knows where? And whatever happened to Lyndie?

- Fiction, Drama, Fantasy, School 

Reality Seems Twisted: 

Book 4 of Danny's Story

    The dead don't always rest in peace. Sometimes they are sent back to either right wrongs or just make trouble for the living. Danny found himself in that position when his foster father murdered him. Then after that man was dead he came back to visit his daughter, who happens to be Danny's intended girlfriend. She was also cursed by the same man to love no other. What to do? There must be a cure! So Danny, Lyndie, and Captain set out into the world to find one. Can they find one or will it be too hard to overcome?

- Fiction, Drama, Family Saga, Fantasy, Romance 

Rallying Themes: 

Book 5 of Danny's Story

 Lyndie has been freed from her curse. Danny wants to stay with her, but alas he still has to return to his home kingdom to be reunited with his true family. Once in Leldyna he finds himself in the awkward position of having to prove himself worthy to be called a son of the land. Also he has to meet his true family which he does not remember at all due to being kidnapped as a very small child and raised by another. Whether or not he succeeds, will he be able to return to Lyndie or will he stay?

- Fiction, Drama, Family Saga, Fantasy 

The Main Character

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