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Sierra Matchmaker Series

     In the country of Sierra, each city has a head matchmaker. Their duty is to help create matches for the people in their city, along with presenting someone for the current royalty to consider for marriage. It is a long process. It's made even more difficult by the fact they can never fall in love, lest it influence them to do something that might destroy the kingdom...

There are three books in this series: The Zaltana Matchmaker, The Matchmaker's Apprentice, and Amour from Zaltana.

- Fiction, Romance, Family Saga 

The Zaltana Matchmaker

Book 01

     Sasha is the matchmaker. She cannot fall for anyone in the country of Sierra. Rather, she must help others in the city of Zaltana to find their proper partner. It doesn't matter whether they are royalty, peasant, or someone in between. With such power comes the responsibility to make sure no match could potentially bring down the kingdom...

- Fiction, Romance, Family Saga 

The Matchmaker's Apprentice

Book 02

      As time passes, Sasha must hand over her status as Head Matchmaker of Zaltana to her apprentice Jyotis. Jyotis is well versed in matchmaking, but gaining the respect of everyone in the city is no easy matter. Even after that, the rigors of keeping up with her mistress' matches and following her own might push Jyotis beyond her means. Even if she gets that far, Jyotis has to be accepted by the council that rules the country of Sierra. Will she succeed or fail? If she fails, what will happen to Zaltana without either Jyotis or Sasha around?

- Fiction, Romance, Family Saga 

Amour from Zaltana

Book 03

      Four years ago Jyotis took over the position as Head Matchmaker of Zaltana. While the city has been calm enough, the capitol of Sierra has been abuzz in anticipation of the eldest prince's engagement. Or rather, who might be the queen. While Prince Ronadel might not be able to marry someone from within the country due to political reasons, there's also his two year younger brother Baylis in the running...

- Fiction, Romance, Family Saga, Politics

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