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Rae's Story

This is the story of Rae, who is first introduced as Taia. She is a fourteen year old girl who lives in a castle with her father. On her fifteenth birthday her entire world is thrown into chaos. Through the series she tries to discover who she is separate from her father. It would be simple, if only her father hadn't been the one who kidnapped her from her real parents!

There are five books in the series: Betrayal of Trust, Castles and Kingdoms, Deviation to Kolos Academy, Everyone's Price, and Finally at Leldyna. It is compiled into a collection called Rae: the Collection. Once the series concludes there is a three book set called A Call to Arms which tells the story of her happily ever after.

- Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama, Family Saga, Coming of Age, Adoption, Tragedy

The series is published through Xlibris and through Lulu. 

Rae: The Collection

Contains all five books in the series: Betrayal of Trust, Castles and Kingdoms, Deviation to Kolos Academy, Everyone's Price, and Finally at Leldyna.

The individual books' descriptions are below:

A Call to Arms

     As the next ruler of Leldyna, Rae must continue to learn all she can about her homeland. Time flies by as she tours the land to meet the inhabitants. Upon her return a shock greets her in the form of an old law, marriage or disownment. Wary of the choices selected by the Council, Rae agrees. Another surprise awaits her then in the form of an old friend. Can Rae do what she needs without losing herself to her obligations or will she have to leave it all? Just when she thinks it's over another worse situation develops: pirates!

- Fiction, Drama, Family Saga, Romance 

Betrayal of Trust: 

Book 1 of Rae's Story

     In a time where magic is being stolen by a tyrannical king intent on conquering the world a prophecy is discovered. The king will be overthrown by one of his own children. At that he sets out to destroy all who are born with magic within them, but he protects his own daughter. She is oblivious to everything including her own danger until the king's advisor reminds him of the danger he is in from her. Now she must die...

- Fiction, Action, Adventure, Drama, Family Saga, Fantasy, Adoption

Castles and Kingdoms: 

Book 2 of Rae's Story

     Continued from the first book, Betrayal of Trust, we find the former princess Taiajara's soft life in the castle gone and her being hunted to be killed. Now she has to learn how to survive in a world she never knew existed. Thankfully kindness is shown by many to those who flee from the rule of the tyrannical king. On her journey she finds more in her than she thought could be.

- Fiction, Drama, Fantasy, Adventure

Deviation to Kolos Academy: 

Book 3 of Rae's Story

    Still on the run from Mitra Shakti's soldiers, Rae seeks the help of an alchemist for a change in appearance to help her hide. The change is more than she expected however. In her new form as Tai the alchemist sends him to Kolos Academy for school. There a variety of things happen with both friend and foe. Hopefully she can make it through the year without anyone discovering her secret...

- Fiction, Drama, Fantasy, School  

Everyone's Price: 

Book 4 of Rae's Story

     The school year is over and so is Tai's time at Kolos Academy. Much has happened over the year, including her return to womanhood. Once again she must depart to continue her journey. Farewells both fond and furious follow. In her cousin's ship the Water Lily princess Rae sails towards Leldyna. As with many things in life it's not smooth sailing and many detours take place in both human and nature obstacles. Can they make it across the vast ocean to the island kingdom? Whether they do or not, will Rae be accepted by the crew?

- Fiction, Drama, Adventure 

Finally at Leldyna: 

Book 5 of Rae's Story

 Princess Rae has finally arrived in Leldyna. She knows her parents will accept her after her long absence, but what about the rest of the populace? Will her past make it impossible for the Leldynian people to accept her as a potential ruler? If they don't accept her, will Rae be able to stay in Leldyna or will she be chased out of the kingdom?

- Fiction, Drama, Family Saga 

The Main Character

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