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The Hours Trilogy: Azra & Eron's Story

 This series follows Eron of Tarquin & Azra of Imani. They meet, fall in love, and have a child. It isn't the sunny sweet romance that one usually hopes for. Their life paths lead down different roads. Despite it all they resolve to be together, one way or another.

The series is published through Lulu

Hours of Bellicosity

Book 01

       About two score years after the official unification of the kingdoms of Tallis and Ramia, old fights spring anew. Duchess Kyra Imani’s ancestors and Duke Silas Tarquin’s ancestors fight, not for the right to rule, but over an interaction of two of the children. Azra Helaku and Eron Silas are in love. The families are completely against it with mates already selected for them. While the teens try to see each other, the families do everything to keep them apart. Can love conquer all? Or will Azra and Eron lose what they cherish most?

- Fiction, Drama, Romance, Family Saga, Friendship, Politics 

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