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Rune's Story

    This is the story of Rune. Ever since she was little, she was trained to fight in the ways of her people. The Thanatos are the clan responsible for performing the funeral rites for the dead. Most importantly, they keep the dead buried. Her elder brother strayed from the path, however, and brought chaos to the land. It wasn't all his fault. He was turned into a slave to another master. Rune is fighting to free her brother, despite all temptations as she goes from girl to woman.

The series has five books in it: Destiny in a Mask, Traipsing Along the Veil, A Whirlwind of Passed Lifetimes, Virtue is Sacrifice, and Journeys of a Wandering Soul.

- Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Family Saga, Paranormal 

Destiny in a Mask

Book 01

    A power has risen up, taking the people of Thanatos from their true path. Rather than calm the souls of the rightful dead with burial, they have begun to strike at the living. Searching for the leader, Rune is brought to fight with her brother. Before she can reach him she has to fight her way up through the ranks as an outcast. Joined by a stranger, Arien, together they travel the land to right the wrongs brought by her wayward brother.

- Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Family Saga, Paranormal 

Traipsing Along the Veil

Book 02

    Rune survived the encounter with her brother's captor, but it didn't end well. Arien wasn't there so he didn't see, but the wounds Rune received were more than physical. The guilt over her failure leaves the young woman without a clue as to what to do next. She knows she has to save her sibling, but it doesn't seem possible against the overwhelming force. Fortunately for her, Rune has made friends in more than just her part of the world. As she struggles on one side of the veil, those on the other side move to help in her quest.

- Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Family Saga, Paranormal 

A Whirlwind of Passed Lifetimes

Book 03

    Time passes by too quickly for Rune's tastes. Her time might be frozen, but her mortal friends continue to age. The spirits she works with don't have the same sense of time. Her timeline becomes theirs, but the extra time doesn't bring her any closer to stopping her brother. With him protected by his master, how many lives will it take before Rune can stop him?

- Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Family Saga, Paranormal 

Virtue is Sacrifice

Book 04

    Rune didn't get very far, but she hasn't given up on her quest. Hopefully she can get around the traps set by the enemy without more people becoming injured. Her brother's master plans for the rest of the world just might destroy it. Rune is committed to stopping her brother, but along the way are many obstacles. Those who don't have her special gift will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. All is not lost, however. There is still hope as the next generation is brought into the fight as well.

- Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Family Saga, Paranormal 

Journeys of a Wandering Soul

Book 05

    This is the last time for Rune. All the heartaches and bones broken lead to this moment. Everything else is in her favor, but is her heart? A game changer is brought in the form of a little girl turned woman. With Rune's brother Mask distracted by Viki, Rune might be able to end this once and for all. Then Rune can have her own life...if she survives.

- Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Family Saga, Paranormal 

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