Books & Art by Kimberly Vogel

Beloit, WI

Viki's Story

     This is the story of Viki. She has no idea why she became an orphan, but during the first year of college she quickly discovered the truth behind it. A mysterious figure's appearance during a home invasion harkens back to a time from generations ago. As Viki finds the truth she's presented with obstacles in many forms. Through each test she fights to keep her identity whole. Somehow Viki will survive it all and create a new future for herself and the people around her.

- Fiction, Action, Adventure, Drama, Young Adult, New Adult 

      There are three books in the series: The End of a Beginning, Yearning for Home, and Madam President.  

The first book was originally published through Xlibris then again through  Lulu. The rest of the series is published there as well.