Books & Art by Kimberly Vogel

Beloit, WI

The End of a Beginning   (Viki's Story Book 1)


Original Publication Cover - Second Publication Cover

     Viki, a college student, knows little about her past. She was adopted when a baby. Since then she's lived in the country of Everly. Suddenly come attempts on her life. With the help of the local authorities she makes it to a plane to flee to her birth country, but on the way a terrorist attack sends her in another direction. She's taken in by people who know of her missing past. But what about the ones who want to kill her? Her rescuers even have alternative motives. Follow Viki as she finds her hidden past and new future. (First Description)

     Set in modern times, it follows a college student. Viki's an orphan with no clue about her biological parents. The past returns to haunt her as the group that killed them comes after her. She manages to escape them, but her rescuers even seem to have their own plans for her. Viki has to find a way to tread between the two groups without upsetting either as she tries to keep her identity whole. (Second Description)

- Fiction, Action, Adventure, Drama, Young Adult, New Adult 

      The book is published through Xlibris & Lulu