Books & Art by Kimberly Vogel

Beloit, WI

Rae's Story

     This is the story of Rae, who is first introduced as Taia. She is a fourteen year old girl who lives in a castle with her father. On her fifteenth birthday her entire world is thrown into chaos. Through the series she tries to discover who she is separate from her father. It would be simple, if only her father hadn't been the one who kidnapped her from her real parents!

     There are five books in the series: Betrayal of Trust, Castles and Kingdoms, Deviation to Kolos Academy, Everyone's Price, and Finally at Leldyna. It is compiled into a collection called Rae: the Collection. Once the series concludes there is a three book set called A Call to Arms which tells the story of her happily ever after.

- Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama, Family Saga, Coming of Age, Adoption, Tragedy  

      The series is published through Xlibris and through Lulu