Books & Art by Kimberly Vogel

Beloit, WI

Rae: The Collection


     This story begins with Taia’s happy life. It soon turns dark though as it is revealed that she isn’t the princess. She’s adopted, but it was by her kidnapper! Urged on by the advisor reminding the king about a prophecy, he turns on the teen. She barely survives the attack. Now with the king’s soldiers on her heels she must find out who she is, escape her pursuers, and find a way home. On her way to discovering her original identity as Rae she meets many people, but perhaps the most difficult experience is reconciling with her estranged family.

This collection holds books 1-5 of Rae's Story : Betrayal of Trust, Castles and Kingdoms, Deviation to Kolos Academy, Everyone's Price, and Finally at Leldyna

- Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Drama, Family Saga, Coming of Age, Adoption, Tragedy