Books & Art by Kimberly Vogel

Beloit, WI

Project Nartana Cases

     In the distant future, the world has been destroyed. Some companies had the foresight to create safe havens. Kroz Enterprises created Central City. It is there that the Nartana brothers solve cases for President Kroz to keep the place running smoothly...despite the actions of the inhabitants. 

     Stories of Vice: Project Nartana Case Set 1 

     (This Collection includes: The Baleful Letters, Farming Disaster, Of Love and Politics, Songs of Violence, Vandals in the Park, Eyes Over the Playground, & Lessons of Life 

      The South Side Criminals: Project Nartana Case Set 2

     (This Collection includes: Feet to the Fire, To Kill More Flies, My Two Cents, A Bird In the Hand, The Camel’s Back, Where There’s a Will, & Hair of the Dog)

     Each case is published individually as an eBook. Seven cases make up one collection, which are published both as eBooks and Paperbacks at Lulu. There are additional parts to the overall story about Central City contained in the collections too.