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Beloit, WI

Project Nartana Cases

In the distant future, the world has been destroyed. Some companies had the foresight to create safehavens. Kroz Enterprises created Central City. It is there that the Nartana brothers solve cases for President Kroz to keep the place running smoothly...despite the actions of the inhabitants.

Each case is published individually as an eBook. Seven cases make up one collection, which are published both as eBooks and Paperbacks.

Case 1 - The Baleful Letters

Mail can bring both the good and the bad. For the Nartana siblings, it's bad news. Not for them, though, it's for their benefactor President Jeremiah Kroz. No matter what, the young men hunt down the anonymous letter writer. President Kroz will be protected by those he protects. The seven brothers will reply to the threatening letters in person.

Case 2 - Farming Disaster

A job can be either a good or a bad thing. Worried about the workers at the Sweet Orchard and Farm, President Jeremiah Kroz asked the Nartana siblings to check it out. Kirabo is the first brother to go in undercover. At first everything at Sweet Orchard and Farm seems normal, but then Kirabo discovers the owner’s terrible secret...

Case 3 - Of Love and Politics

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. President Jeremiah Kroz has a lot of responsibility, but he’s able to handle almost anything. This time he’s stumped, though. The bosses of the four quadrants outside of Central City have a problem with each other. President Kroz can’t figure out why. For insight he asks the Nartana siblings to intervene. Trevet goes undercover as his personal assistant. What he discovers is more complicated than mere squabbles over land borders. It’s not business, it’s personal...

Case 4 - Songs of Violence

Entertainment stars are loved by all. That love many times takes a strange turn. Strange things have been happening at the theater of the four biggest stars, Cavern on the Green. President Kroz sends Canto of the Nartana siblings undercover there. Canto’s in his element at the theater. Hopefully he doesn’t forget about his mission while being wrapped up in the pleasures of fame.

Case 5 - Vandals in the Park

There are many places to relax. In South Side outside parks are the best places. Deliberate destruction at one set of parks has President Jeremiah Kroz worried about the future of that certain quadrant. Dante goes in undercover to discover who is destroying the South Side parks. Whether the attacks are coming from or outside of the quadrant, they will be stopped. Whoever is doing it will pay for what they’ve done.

Case 6 - Eyes Over the Playground

While people are still at work, the children need to be looked after. One option is afterschool care. Sometimes kids disappear between doorways. Where did they go? Who took them? Mikasi is sent to discover the answers to these questions.

Case 7 - Lessons of Life

Schools are important. At the heart of the complex, Central City has just one. Classes can be difficult, but the complete loss of sanity by some students has everyone worried. President Kroz has Dusan go undercover as a substitute teacher. Hopefully he can discover where everything's going wrong...

Stories of Vice: Project Nartana Case Set 1

Cases 1-7

Publication Date - October 2012 

In the distant future, the world has been destroyed. Some companies had the foresight to create safe havens. Kroz Enterprises created Central City. It is there that the Nartana brothers solve cases for President Kroz to keep the place running smoothly...despite the actions of the inhabitants. (This Collection includes: The Baleful Letters, Farming Disaster, Of Love and Politics, Songs of Violence, Vandals in the Park, Eyes Over the Playground, & Lessons of Life)
(eBook & Softcover)

Case 8 - Feet to the Fire

Escaped from prison, the man nicknamed Torch only has one thing on his mind. He has to find his girlfriend and get both of them out of the city. It's going to be a hard thing with the police in hot pursuit. Even Agent Nartana has been sent. Somehow Torch will have to find a way out of the mess that he got himself into.

Case 9 - To Kill More Flies

Escaped from prison, Minotaur searches for a way home. The only thing that he can think of is to find his sister. When he was younger she always made things better. He needs that comfort again. He might not get it as the police and even Agent Kirabo are sent to bring him back to prison.

Case 10 - My Two Cents

Escaped from prison, the man nicknamed Aqua searches for his family. His only thought is to find his wife and daughter. Agent Trevet and the police are trying to find him. On the way something happens that changes everything. Aqua’s daughter has been kidnapped by the same people who framed him. Will he be able to save her before the agent and the police catch him? 

Case 11 - A Bird in the Hand

Escaped from prison, Cyclone searches for the man who destroyed his life. Agent Canto is sent along with the police to bring him in. Both of them have skills of persuasion beyond the usual means. Who will accomplish their goal first?

Case 12 - The Camel's Back

Escaped from prison, the former soldier Rock searches for a way to clear his name. The only clue that he has is another person from the army. Agent Dante is sent to bring him back to prison. Rock won't stop until everything is set right. Can Rock do it before either side hunting him can stop him?

Case 13 - Where There's a Will

Escaped from prison, a young man named Ant is out to get revenge. The wrongs against him were something that no man of any stature could take. Sent along with the police is Agent Mikasi. The agent has a particular look that makes him the perfect one to identify with the short man. Hopefully Agent Mikasi can bring the fugitive in without injury to the people of the city.

Case 14 - Hair of the Dog

Escaped from prison, Stick is searching for a way to clear his name. He knows who is responsible for the wrongs he was accused of committing. He just has to prove it - that is if Agent Dusan and the police don't stop him first.

The South Side Criminals: Project Nartana Case Set 2

Cases 8-14

Publication Date - April 2015

Every villain has a reason for why they do wrong. The Nartana brothers are on the right side of the law. Charged with bringing in seven criminals, the brothers journey into the desert of South Side. Some are easily found, others not so much. Either way, the Nartana brothers are relentless in their hunt. The criminals will be caught and returned to prison. Hopefully they won’t make too much of a mess of South Side before then.
(This Collection includes: Feet to the Fire, To Kill More Flies, My Two Cents, A Bird In the Hand, The Camel’s Back, Where There’s a Will, & Hair of the Dog along with bonus storyline and illustrations)
(eBook & Softcover)