Books & Art by Kimberly Vogel

Beloit, WI


All of my books are available in eBook form, though outside of Lulu I can't control which platform provides which book for sale or at what price. 

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Only Available As eBooks

Project Nartana Cases

14 Individual Stories
The Baleful Letters, Farming Disaster, Of Love and Politics, Songs of Violence,
Vandals in the Park, Eyes Over the Playground, Lessons of Life
Feet to the Fire, To Kill More Flies, My Two Cents, A Bird In the Hand, The Camel’s Back, Where There’s a Will, & Hair of the Dog


Sticks and Stones Stories

9 Individual Stories
The Sinking Stone, Like a Rock, Ripples of the Skipping Stone,
The Groaning Stone, The Twisted Stone, The Cracked Stone,
A Balancing Stone, Counting Stones, A Settled Stone