Books & Art by Kimberly Vogel

Beloit, WI

The Drag Shergi Mysteries

     These stories all center around a detective named Drag Shergi. He can see ghosts, but almost no one else can. Even though he doesn't want to meddle, at first glance he can't always tell the difference between the living and the dead. Drag Shergi has learned to live with helping people on both sides of the veil, whether they have good or bad intentions. Read on and discover a world filled with mystery, adventure, and many times a supernatural twist. 

     There are thirteen books in the series: Living Dead Girl, Threnody in the Mausoleum, The Missing Paraclete, Storms on the Horizon, Ghosts in Smoky Visions, The Shriver of Cheney Town, The Man in the Petticoat, To Beat or Not to Beat, Wrath of the Scapegoat, Kings, Queens, and All Their Things, Dual Rondo on the Sharne Train, Persona of Persuasion, and Seeds of Blood.  

      The entire series is  published through Lulu as single books, mini-collections of four books each, and the entire series in a thirteen book collection. These Aren't Angels (Books 1-4), There Are Walls Between Us (Books 5-8), This Isn't Home (Books 9-12), and Drag Shergi Mysteries: The Complete Collection

- Fiction, Detective, Supernatural, Ghost Story, Mystery, Paranormal