Books & Art by Kimberly Vogel

Beloit, WI

Indigo Flight: Interim with Academics

Volume 2

    A girl without a past is struggling to build her future. It's difficult though, as every day further back than three months is lost to her. Signs are taped over everything she owns with notes to help her know what they are. At least in her home she is safe. But what about in the world where everything changes so fast that it throws even the most knowledgeable into chaos? Follow Dia in her quest to stay sane in a world of insanity.

     This edition holds books 4-6: Spiders, Mantis, and Bees.
     In them Dia takes refuge in another country's school. It is a place where existence is allowed outside of campus. Many people of all ages are there, both friendly and unfriendly to our heroine. Most of the danger comes from within her, however... 

- Fiction, Action, Adventure, Amnesia, Sci Fi, School