Books & Art by Kimberly Vogel

Beloit, WI

In the Works : Pending Projects

     This is a list of the books which are either at the end of being written, or have been written and are just attempting to go through the publishing process.

(Right now most are less than halfway done, so they will not be listed just yet.)


Rough Draft - Project Nartana (Case Set 3)

#15 - The Toadstool Towers
At a mushroom farm, something else grows below ground. When bodies start popping up Nartana is sent to investigate. 

#16 - Fields of Plenty
Growing food for everyone is a tough job. Sabotage ruins everyone's lives. Kirabo is sent to stop it. 

#20 - Dancing Daffodils
Mikasi seems to be the only one who gets to enjoy his vacation. A poisoning at the park brings it to a halt. In the search for the culprit, the short man must stand tall against those who tried to destroy the peace of West Side.

#21 -  The Trembling Firmament
An earthquake shakes the very foundation of Central City. In his quest to fix it, Dusan runs across some odd blueprints. He delves into the mystery of Central City's underground structures. Something lurking in the dark could change everything for the brothers.

Single Books


Kingston Road = With his mother getting on in years, it is time for Afallon to take the step from prince to king. There are many things that he has to do: tour the kingdom of Leldyna, find a queen, produce heirs. Even when everything seems to be going well, tragedy is always just around the corner. Despite that, Afallon needs to keep the people of Leldyna feeling safe and happy. 

The Jaeger Inn = The five descendants of the original ship captains who settled Landry meet at the Jaeger Inn for what is supposed to be a quiet vacation. It doesn't go as planned. Modifications to the island made generations ago might just destroy it. They have to find the source then a way to fix it. 

Symbiosis = Individuality. The alien robot Paul learned the meaning of it in the last book. Now it is time for the rest of his family to do the same. Not only do they have to figure out their new singular identities, but once that happens will their designated pairings survive the stress of change? What does individuality mean when it comes to couples? The aliens might stay with their current pairings, or they might select other partners. Perhaps that partner might even be a human instead...  

 The Instigator = The Ambassadors are supposed to watch over the well-being of the World through their observance and intervention in each country's affairs. Each person has to do it without taking over the rule of the country. The temptation to overstep the boundaries is strong, but they resist it. When other factors threaten to destroy the tenuous peace between countries can the Ambassadors still keep their distance?

 The Jeweler's Conquest = Reba is an ordinary woman. She's going about her normal day when she finds a lost ring. To her surprise it attaches itself to her finger. Now what is she to do? She visits a jeweler, who says it is cursed, so she has to find someone to break the curse. The jeweler's son Kendall escorts her in her quest. Unknown to either of them, the King has sent his sons to find the ring. Will Reba find someone to free her finger or will she be bound forever to whatever fate the ring brings with it? 

Opposite Intentions = Zachary doesn't have a good relationship with Shawn. One might even say that they are enemies. Despite that, their boss Hogan puts them on a cleaning crew together. Can they do their job without making a bigger mess of the beaches of Minau Island - and each other - or will their fighting create more of a storm in life than even nature could create? 


In Editing 

A father returns from war. At first his daughter is happy to find out that she is not an orphan. All too soon it turns to terror. The horrors of war have changed him. He believes that he has returned to the same time period as when he left. It is not so. Trials and tribulations begin as the entire family come to realize their father has become a monster. He’s trapped the daughter in a nightmare. Who will save her? Can she save herself? Is the father beyond hope? Contained within are the answers.